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Interface RJ12/RJ45
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The interface RJ12(TTL)/RJ45 (RS232) enables connection of cash registers ELZAB Jota or ELZAB Mini to a computer or a multiplexer. It adjusts signals of the cash register to the RS232 standard.
It has the RJ12 plug on one end (to the ŁĄCZE PC port in the cash register), and the RJ45 port on the other end.

When is it used?
  1. If connection of cash registers ELZAB Mini (paper copy) and/or ELZAB Jota (paper copy) to a computer is provided with 4/8-channel multiplexers or LAN multiplexers.

  2. If cash registers ELZAB Mini (paper copy) or ELZAB Jota (paper copy) are connected directly to a PC with TP (UTP network cable category 5e). The A34 adapter has to be purchased separately.