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Expansion module
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It is used to expand communication possibilities of cash registers series Max (Alfa Max, Delta Max) and Jota E.
It is connected to the EXT port of the cash register.

Monitoring function:

  1. Monitoring transactions in the fiscal cash register by online sending over the optically insulated RS232 port.
  2. The possibility of buffering transactions.
Watch the sample clip (20 MB)

Order printing function:

  1. Automatic printing of kitchen orders directly from the cash register with ELZAB Talos and ELZAB Kuchta printers.


  1. compatible with the cash registers ELZAB Alfa Max/E, ELZAB Delta Max/E, ELZAB Jota E
  2. online configuration
  3. powering from the fiscal cash register
  4. the internal uSD memory for buffering transactions
  5. 5 communication ports:
    • EXT – 2 input / output ports – the fiscal cash register / another device
    • DRUKARKA ZAMÓWIEŃ RS232 – the order printer port
    • MONITOR RS232/OPT – the optically insulated port for the monitoring device
    • LAN – used only for configuration, with the FTP functionality (reading monitoring logs)
  6. three status lights:
    • STATUS – the diode shows whether the cash register is connected and blinks during the transmission to signal incoming data
    • DRUKARKA – the order printer connected
    • BŁĄD – signals emergency situations, e.g. no paper

Elements of the set The RJ12 cable to connect the expansion module to the fiscal cash register
Operation mode
  • monitoring work of the clerk
  • control over the order printer
  • saving logs of the executed transactions in the microSD card
  • 2 input / output EXT ports – the fiscal cash register (transmission and power supply) / another device
  • RS232 to the order printer
  • RS232 with optical insulation to the recorder
  • the LAN port for configuration and data transmission
Power supply through the EXT output from the fiscal cash register
Weight0.35 kg
  • depth 77 mm
  • width 133 mm
  • height 32 mm

Sample installation diagram for the expansion module (111 kB)