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CPT 8200
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2001421 CCD RS
2001422 CCD USB
2001424 L RS
2001425 L USB

CPT 8200 is a low energy consuming device enabling continuous operation for 100 hours even. It is light, ergonomic, easily fitting into your palm or pocket. Pistol grip (option) significantly facilitates the operator’s work.

High efficiency is provided by the new, faster 32-bit processor and capacious 4MB RAM and Flash 8MB memory. The MicroSD card slot enables uploading additional number of database items. The device communicates with its surroundings via the RS232 port or USB. Optionally the collector may be furnished with WiFi and Bluetooth communication.

Large, backlit display, clear sound signalling and vibrations enable the customers to operate in the noisy conditions of retail stores or warehouses.

The CPT 8200 collector meets the customers’ requirements in retails stores, warehouses or health service facilities. The housing is resistant to falls from 1,2 m and the IP54 ingress protection standard enable to use the device in heavy-duty operating conditions.

Barcode scannerimager, laser (option), 2D imager (option)
Scanning rangeno data
Program memory (FLASH)8 MB Flash
Data memory (RAM)4 MB RAM, 8 MB RAM (option)
DisplayLCD TFT, 160x160 pixels, backlit
Keyboard24 keys, backlit
CommunicationUSB, Bluetooth (option)
Weight150 g (with battery)
Dimensions136mm x 58mm x 32mm
Drop prooffrom 1,2 m
Operation temperatureform -10°C to 60°C
Permissible ambient humidity5% - 95% without condensation
Power supply3,7 V Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery
Barcodes scannedall standard, commercial and industrial barcodes
ProgrammingC and Basic Compilers, Applications generator
Standard fittingsDocking station, battery, communication cable, power pack, applications generator