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  • x CPT 8300 CPT 8300 CPT 8300, data collectors with DOS system CPT 8300
  • x CPT 8300 CPT 8300 CPT 8300, data collectors with DOS system CPT 8300

CPT 8300
Product indexes
1015948 - CPT 8300L collector 10MB WITHOUT DOCK 
1015941 - DOK do kolektora CPT8300 USB 
1015952 - Battery for CPT 8300 1800mAh 
1015953 - Battery for CPT 8001/8300 700mAh

The 8300 series collectors represent a proposal for demanding users. They are dedicated to work in any conditions (with IP65 ingress protection class) – they particularly prove wherever exceptional resistance to dust and humidity is required (wholesale facilities, manufacturing halls or outdoor operation).

The devices may have various barcode readers built-in – due to scanning quality the models with laser scanner are the most popular. Data transmission is done through the IrDA connector installed in the docking station and the station itself, in addition to data transmission to the computer, also functions as the charger (the battery is included in the kit). The communication with the computer is made through a cable or docking station connected to the computer via the Rs232 port.

The CPT 8300 collectors are furnished with large, backlit displays (8 lines, 20 characters each) and a functional keyboard.

Data memory is 10 MB. The CPT 8300 menu system complies with CPT800x/711, and the terminals may be programmed in C, Basic languages or via Windows Applications Generator.

Barcode scannerlaser
Scanning range50mm-950mm (depending on the code)
Processor16 bit CMOS, low energy consumption
Program memory (FLASH)1 MB Flash
Data memory (RAM)10 MB SRAM
DisplayLCD, 128 x 64 pixels, backlit
Keyboard24 keys
Communicationvia transmission dock: RS232, USB
Weight250 g (with battery)
Dimensions170 x 77 x 37mm
Drop prooffrom 1,2m
Operation temperaturefrom -10°C to 60°C
Permissible ambient humidity5% - 95% without condensation
Power supply3,7 V Li-Ion 700mAh battery
Barcodes scannedall standard commercial and industrial barcodes
ProgrammingC and Basic compilers, Applications generator
Standard fittingsDocking station, battery, communication cable, power pack applications generator