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Vega 2 + installation basket
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Characteristics of the device
Vega 2 is a modern electronic scale made entirely of stainless steel. The design of the scale enables its integration in the top, so it may be part of a fully functional and, at the same time, cheap cashdesk post. This solution may be used even in a single sale post in a small trade facility.
The Vega 2 scale is intended for use in trade facilities of various sizes. Integrated in the cashdesk post, it helps in the work of the salesperson.
It is also broadly used in industry, gastronomy and processing.

The Vega 2 scale is offered with the installation basket. Using the installation basket allows to achieve good aesthetic effect. The design and method of installation enables the personnel to work pursuant to the requirements of ergonomics and does not restrict space for the clerk’s legs.
The scale is fitted with the pole-mounted display of adjustable height.
It is made of stainless steel and is resistant to various factors present in difficult work conditions: humidity, dustiness, dirt, corrosion. The design of the case prevents flooding of plugs and sockets. The device is fitted with its own power supply unit.

Intended use
The Vega 2 scale built in the top constitutes the equipment of the cashdesk post fitted with any manual or vertical reader. It may also be used as a check and primary scale in the trade facility.

Compatibility with external devices
The Vega 2 scale can be used with various types of fiscal cash registers (ELZAB cash registers are recommended), POS terminals and other peripheral devices. The automatic transmission of the weighing result eliminates errors from manual entering and considerably speeds up customer support. The result of weighing may be sent by pressing a key on the scale display, in the cash register, in the POS terminal or automatically, after stabilisation of the pan, or on the continuous basis.

Guarantee of quality and continuity of deliveries
Vega 2 is part of the CAT 27 scale family, known for uniquely meticulous manufacture. All CAT 27 scale meet the requirements of metrological regulations in the scope of using the scale for direct settlement of trade operations, have the WE type approval certificates and are subject to certification according to EU regulations before admission for trading. The production process is done under supervision of ISO 9001 quality system procedures.

Features and advantages

  • made of stainless steel approved for contact with food
  • the stable measuring system, resistant to overloading
  • compatible with fiscal cash registers, POS terminals and external devices
  • the legible display on the rotating pole with adjustable height
  • taring throughout the weighing range
  • comfortable and quick operation
  • easy maintenance of cleanness
  • the possibility of checking the mass of the products weighted in self-service places in the sale post

Method of installationfor integration
Maximum load6 / 15 kg
Minimum load40 g
Accuracy2 g (0–6 kg range)
5 g (6–15 kg range)
Display1 x LCD (option: an additional external display)
Dimensions of scale333 (W) x 253 (L) x 70 (H) mm
Dimensions of pan333 (W) x 253 (L) mm
Mass4.3 kg
Guarantee24 months

Scales family CAT 27 (1 MB)
Declaration of Conformity CAT27 2021-05 (1,7 MB)
Dimensional drawing of the post of the CAT 27 scale (2 MB)
Vega 2 scale basket dimension drawing (CAT27/VE/15/...) (90 kB)
Vega 2 large pan scale dimension drawing (CAT27/VE/15/...) (79.5 kB)