Multiplexer LAN
Multiplexer 4xRS232/RJ
Multiplexer 8xRS232/RJ


Converter USB-RS232
Converter LAN/RS232

Interfaces, adapters

Interface RJ12/RJ45
Computer interface for cash registers ELZAB Jota, ELZAB Mini
Adapter cash register RS/UTP
Adapter PC RS/UTP
Complete set of RS232/UTP adapters

Scales accessories

Scale cable DIBAL SPC DSUB9-M/RJ12
CAT27 scale display splitter
Battery power supply unit for the Prima K scale
Hardened glass for Saturn scales
Prima/RJ12-DSUB9 adapter
Adapter Prima/Scanner/Alfa
Prima/Alfa adapter
Interface Prima/Computer with power pack
Prima scales power pack
Prima/Mini power pack
Serial scanner interface
Cable of null modem Prima K scales
Adapter Prima K/Mini
DIBAL PS-50 scale pan
DIBAL series C/F/G/BVT41309 power pack
Adapter Prima K/Talos

Other accessories

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth communication module
Drawer adapter
Wi-Fi module (for the printer ELZAB D10)
Bluetooth module for the printer ELZAB D10
Expansion module
Image adder GENA2 – monitoring
Cash register modem ELZAB Telekas/GSM
Scale splitter
Cluster of the Jota cash register
Vehicle power supply cord 12V
Vehicle power supply unit for the Mini cash register
Cable to the drawer Alfa
Battery for K10/D10 cash register
USB cable K10 PC
Adapter of the Gamma drawer with the Mini Jack interface
Teta-PC cable with power pack
Scales cable for ELZAB Delta IIg cash register
Adapter Delta Max/terminal Hypercom
RJ12 drawer cable

Pole mount solution by Elzab

Pole mount solution by ELZAB


Cutter TGSP 250
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Cutter TGC 250
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Cutter TGC 300
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External customer display
External display Prima2


Two-line pricing gun JUDO
One-line pricing gun KENDO

Cases and bags for cash registers

Leather case for ELZAB K10/D10
Bag for ELZAB K10 cash register
Bag for ELZAB Mini E cash register

Keyboard covers

ELZAB Alfa Max keyboard cover
ELZAB Delta keyboard cover
ELZAB Eco keyboard cover


USB memory 8GB
Paper exit masking frame for the ELZAB Mini E cash register, light
Paper exit masking frame for the ELZAB Mini E cash register, dark
Paper exit masking frame for the ELZAB Jota E cash register
Kitchen bell for the EVE printer
57 mm paper guide (to the printer Toshiba TRST-A00)
Splash case (for the printer Toshiba TRST-A00)