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Multiplexer 8xRS232/RJ
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The systems used for management of a modern trade facility become more and more expanded, with the number of elements, as well as complexity of mutual connections increasing. The computer with the installed management program communicates with various devices by sending and collecting information. Usually these are cash registers, but labelling scale may also be used.
With the increasing number of products in the product base, the volume of the transmitted data increases. The area of shops increases, thus the distances also increase between the particular elements of the system. Computers have a limited number of ports, and using multi-port cards results additionally in the necessity of running the appropriate number of cables from the computer to the devices.
The family of multiplexers developed by ELZAB S.A. is the response to the requirements related to connecting a larger number of devices to the sale system. They allow to freely configure the system and guarantee very good transmission parameters.

The 8xRS232/RJ multiplexer enables connection of up to eight devices fitted with the RS232 interface (for example cash registers) to one serial port of the computer group. It has eight input ports and one RJ45 output port.
The multiplexer has optical insulation, the mutual separation of the outputs between each other and from the input. Small external dimensions and the possibility of wall installation are additional practical advantages.
LEDs signal activity of the individual communication channels.
The multiplexer may be controlled by the WinCom serial transmission buffer.

UTP 5E cables, commonly used in local computer networks, with RJ45 plugs on both ends, are used to connect the multiplexer and the devices. The computer is connected to the multiplexer with the PC RS232/UTP adapters, supplied in the set.
When devices are connected to the network through the multiplexer that do not have RS RJ45 connectors, additional adapters should be used:
- the adapter of the cash register RS/UTP to the cash registers ELZAB Delta and ELZAB Alfa and the label printer ELZAB Eta
- the RJ12/RJ45 interface to the cash registers ELZAB Jota and ELZAB Mini

Power supply
The non-stabilised power supply unit 15 V / 1 A is dedicated to provide power supply for the 8xRS232/RJ multiplexer.
The power supply unit is provided with the multiplexer.

Certainty of long-distance transmissions
Depending on the configuration, the 8xRS232/RJ multiplexer ensures data baud rate of up to 28,800 b/s. The baud rate defined in the multiplexer implies the maximum distances between the multiplexer and the devices. With the UTP 5E cable, these are:
  • 300 m for 9,600 b/s and 19,200 b/s,
  • 200 m for 28,800 b/s.
The particular devices connected to the multiplexer may run at different baud rates.
In the environments with very high level of interference, the maximum transmission speed may have to be reduced.

Dimensions of the device:
- width 210 mm
- depth 125 mm
- height 30 mm
Sample application of the 8xRS232/RJ multiplexer (43 kB)