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LS 2208 – manual laser scanner from MOTOROLA (former SYMBOL) - brand name recognised in barcode world.

Durable structure, housing with additional rubber protections and scratch-resistant glass are characteristics that predestinate it for continuous daily use.

The optic system enables code scanning from a longer distance than in case of most manual scanners, which significantly improves the scanning process. LS 2208 is light, has an ergonomic form and small size. It can operate in the manual (switch) or presentation mode (on the stand) – then scanning is done automatically.

The most important characteristics:

  • code scanning from a distance up to 43 cm,
  • operation in the automatic mode or with the use of the switch,
  • ergonomic form and durable housing.

Type of scannermanual laser
Light sourcelaser diode, wave length 650 nm
Scan activation methodswitch or automatic (on the stand only)
Scanning distancemax 430 mm
Minimum code element widthn.d.
Scanning speed100 scans/s
Scanning patternn.d.
Signallingaudio and optic
Dimensions152 x 63 x 84 mm
Weight146 g (excluding cable)
Power supply5,2 V
Power consumptionmax 175 mA
Operating temperature0° - 50° C
Ambient humidityrelative 5- 95%
Safe fall1,5 m
Interfaces availableRS232, USB, keyboard emulation