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CPT 8001
Product indexes 
1015938 - CPT 8001L collector 2MB WITHOUT DOCK 
1015939 - Dock for the CPT8001 USB collector

These are small-size devices with ergonomic housing. An ideal solution for offices (stock taking of tangible assets) and small or medium retail stores. The built-in laser scanner guarantees high scanning efficiency. The collectors have separate data storage and program memories. The models with 2MB memory are the most popular at present, appropriate for stores with 15000 – 2000 PLU base even (depending on the PLU description length).

Data transmission is carried out through the IrDA connector installed in the docking station and the station, in addition to data transmission to the computer, also functions as a charger (the battery is included in the kit).

CPT 8001 is the most convenient solution when the data collection points are in one warehouse and it is possible to recharge the battery (e.g. at night). They are distinct for good technical parameters and operation within a wide temperature range.

Barcode scannerlaser
Scanning range40mm-300mm (depending on code)
Processor16 bit CMOS, low energy consumption
Program memory (FLASH)1 MB Flash
Data memory (RAM)2 MB SRAM
DisplayLCD, 100 x 64 pixels, backlit
Keyboard21 keys, LED backlit
Communicationvia transmission dock: RS232,USB
Weight130g (with battery)
Dimensions122 x 56 x 26mm
Drop prooffrom 1,2m
Operation temperaturefrom -10°C to 60°C
Permissible ambient humidity5% - 95% without condensation
Power supply3,7 V Li-Ion 700mAh battery
Barcodes scannedall standard commercial and industrial barcodes.
ProgrammingC and Basic compilers, Applications Generator
Standard fittingsDocking station, battery, communication cable, power pack, applications generator