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The Kolektor is dedicated for font collectors CPT711, 800X, 8200, 8300 i 8400. The collector’s user downloads the PLU in the form of a text file from the warehouse system and upon scanning the labels transmits to the computer the input to the document with codes and their quantities, also in the form of a text file. The formats of the standards exchange files are described in the program user’s manual.
The program is distinguishable with its unfailingness, simple operation and cooperation with numerous systems. It is an ideal solution, if the collector is to function as a barcode scanner with a memory.

The program functions:
  • recording the number of codes (scanned or entered by means of the keypad)
  • transmitting the code base to the computer (via serial port or USB)
  • downloading the PLU from the computer (via serial port or USB)
  • viewing the code base, edition of quantity and deleting the codes
  • configuration of the program and collector’s settings (including without limitation the fast scanning option without entering the quantities)
The functions of Kolektor are presented by a console program simulating its operation.
The licences for the software use have no time limits and authorise to its free upgrading. The connector to the EK installer is on our web page Instalatory [Installers]. In order to buy a licence (so-called pre-installation file), e-mail your order including the collector’s serial number and model in it.
  • WF-Mag Win, WF-Mag DOS (WA-PRO)
  • Small Business (Symplex)
  • Subiekt GT Sfera, Subiekt4, Subiekt5 (InsERT)
  • PC-Market Win, PC-Market DOS (Insoft)
  • KC-Firma (Kucharscy)
  • Hermes SQL (Humansoft)
  • FPP/CDN Klasyka (Comarch)