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  • x Scanner scale Neptun 2 MGL 9800i Scanner scale Neptun 2 MGL 9800i Weighing scanner Neptun 2 MGL 9800i , scanner scale for mounting in the countertop Scanner scale Neptun 2 MGL 9800i
  • x Scanner scale Neptun 2 MGL 9800i Scanner scale Neptun 2 MGL 9800i Weighing scanner Neptun 2 MGL 9800i , scanner scale for mounting in the countertop Scanner scale Neptun 2 MGL 9800i

Weighing scanner Neptun 2 MGL 9800i
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Scanner scale Neptun 2 MGL 9800i is the Neptun 2 scale integrated inside an advanced bioptic scanner. The top cover of the scanner features tempered glass and is the scale's platter. The in-counter scanner scale with its advanced reader is intended for busy scanning scenarios.

Scanner scale Neptun 2 MGL 9800i streamlines checkout and can be used as a control or primary scale. It is beyond any doubt the fastest in-counter scanning and weighing solution. Weighing results can be sent to the sales application with a button on the scale display, cash register, or POS terminal, automatically after reading is stabilised, or continuously.

The Magellan 9800i imager is intended for busy checkout points.
The imager scanning system includes a digital CCD camera, which reads the code as a whole.
The reading is instantaneous without any delay caused by code misalignment. Difficult, poor-quality, or damaged codes are easily scanned. The device decodes all linear 1D, stacked GS1, and 2D codes. Features:

  • advanced digital imaging in all reading planes
  • smooth reading of 1D and 2D codes in all planes with clear sound and visual cue to ensure quick and uninterrupted scanning
  • optional top-down reader with a large field of vision from the top can be used as a customer-side scanner for mobile devices
  • the largest available All-Weights scale platter for easy and precise weighing of long and bulky products
  • low bonnet makes the point of sale easier to access and configure

The scanner scale is full of innovative solutions:

All-Weights scale platter – the design of the scale platter facilitates weighing on the upper surface of the vertical scanner, which allows the user to weigh items longer than the platter without any loss.

ScaleSentry technology – the device monitors both lateral edges of the scale with IR to make sure the weighed item does not extend beyond the platter resulting in inaccurate reading. Additionally, incorrectly placed item intersects the beam, which triggers a warning for the cashier and prevents the weight value from being sent to the POS system until the cashier corrects the position of the item.

Method of installationin-counter
Maximum load6/15 kg
Minimum load40 g
2 g (0–6 kg)
5 g (6–15 kg)
Display1 x LCD (option: additional external display)
Dimensions of pan292(W) x 401(D) mm
Mass12.8 kg
Guarantee24 months
ScannerMagellan 9800i
Scanner specifications:
  • Image scanning: TDR: graphics formats: BMP, JPEG; greyscale: 256, 16, 2
  • Lighting: multiple dispersed LEDs: eye-friendly orientation and wavelength
  • Reading range: uninterrupted reading of linear and 2D codes in all planes (6 sides + customer-side module)
PortsRS-232 universal interface / IBM 46XX / USB: OEM (IBM) USB Plus Power (scanner and scale); RS- 232 (scanner) / RS-232 (scale); RS-232 (scanner) or single-cable RS-232 (scanner and scale)
1D codes
  • Automatic recognition of all standard 1D codes, including linear GS1 DataBar codes EAN/JAN composite codes
  • GS1 DataBar composite codes
  • GS1 DataBar expanded stacked codes
  • GS1 DataBar stacked codes
  • GS1 DataBar stacked omnidirectional codes
  • MicroPDF417, PDF417
  • UPC A/E composite codes
2D codes
  • Aztec codes
  • Data Matrix
  • QR, Micro QR codes
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Datalogic Clear glass: high transmissivity glass optimised for imaging performance
  • Sapphire Laminated glass: lifetime warranty (optional)
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)Control point systems: an integrated EAS antenna for Counterpoint IX and Evolve D11; Sensormatic: SmartSentry Datalogic firmware technology adds compatibility with the Sensormatic AMB-9010/IPS EAS tag deactivation controller; (AMB-5120); clear indicators of correct reading/status of EAS
Power supply
  • external supply 12V, 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Power consumption: 12 W – scanning, 11 W – stand-by

User Manual ELZAB CAT27 Scales Series (1,57 MB)
Scales family CAT 27 (1 MB)
Magellan™ 9800i Product Reference Guide (24,4 MB)
Declaration of Conformity CAT27 2021-05 (1,7 MB)
Dimensional drawing of the post of the CAT 27 scale (2 MB)