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  • x Weighing scanner Saturn 2 MGL 3550 2D Weighing scanner Saturn 2 MGL 3550 2D Weighing scanner Saturn 2 MGL 3550 2D , scanner scale for mounting in the countertop Weighing scanner Saturn 2 MGL 3550 2D

Weighing scanner Saturn 2 MGL 3550 2D
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Scanner scale Saturn 2 MGL 3550 2D is the Saturn 2 scale integrated with the Magellan 3550 scanner. It combines scale and barcode scanner functions in a single device. This improves the comfort and performance of the cashier as weighing and scanning take place in a single location.
Compact dimensions and attractive pricing make this device a perfect solution for points of sale of stores of any size. The frame installed in the counter opening facilitates quick installation and improves the aesthetic value of the checkout.
The structure and installation ensure ergonomic operation and do not restrict leg space for the cashier.
The scale has a clear LCD on a rotating pole with adjustable height and angle. Key scanner features:

  • quick reading of 1D and 2D codes,
  • improved scanning of mobile phones,
  • ruby-red lighting improves cashier's comfort,
  • automatic item lighting adjustment,
  • large, intuitive, and multi-plane scanning field,
  • compatible with Digimarc® codes; 30% performance improvement.

Intended use
Scanner scale Saturn is intended to be installed in-counter or cash wraps in stores of various sizes.

Compatibility with external devices
The system is compatible with various types of cash registers (recommended ELZAB registers), POS terminals, and other peripheral devices.

Method of installationin-counter
Maximum load6/15 kg
Minimum load40 g
2 g (0–6 kg)
5 g (6–15 kg)
Display1 x LCD (option: additional external display)
Dimensions of scale292(W) x 292(D) x 121(H) mm
Dimensions of pan292(W) x 292(D) mm
Mass5.9 kg
Guarantee24 months
ScannerMagellan 3550 2D
Scanner specifications:
  • Graphic formats BMP, JPEG
  • Lighting: multiple dispersed LEDs: eye-friendly orientation and wavelength
  • Reading range: 10.2 cm
  • Maximum speed: 39 trillion pixels a second
  • Maximum resolution: 5 mil
PortsOEM (IBM) USB; RS-232; USB Keyboard; USB COM, Powered Type A USB (USB Com)
1D codes
  • automatic recognition of all standard 1D codes, including linear GS1 DataBar codes
  • GS1 DataBar composite codes
  • GS1 DataBar expanded stacked codes
  • GS1 DataBar stacked codes
  • GS1 DataBar stacked omnidirectional codes
  • MicroPDF417, PDF417
2D codes
  • Aztec codes
  • Data Matrix (ECC200 only)
  • QR codes
  • MaxiCode
  • Datalogic Clear glass: high transmissivity glass optimised for imaging performance
  • Sapphire Laminated glass: lifetime warranty (optional)
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)control point systems: an integrated EAS antenna for Counterpoint IX and Evolve D11
Power supply
  • external supply 12V, 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • power consumption: 4 W – scanning, 2.8 W – stand-by

User Manual ELZAB CAT27 Scales Series (1,57 MB)
Scales family CAT 27 (1 MB)
Leaflet (217 kB)
Product Reference Guide (8,34 MB)
Quick Reference Guide (1,65 MB)
Declaration of Conformity CAT27 2021-05 (1,7 MB)
Saturn 2 weighing scanner dimension drawing (CAT27/S3/15/292x292) (69.3 kB)
Saturn 2 weighing scanner basket dimension drawing (93.2 kB)
Dimensional drawing of the post of the CAT 27 scale (2 MB)