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  • x DIBAL M-525S A DIBAL M-525S A DIBAL M-525S A, lebelling electronic scale DIBAL M-525S A

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General characteristics
The DIBAL M-525 scale is a two-range electronic scale with label printing option that allows communication with a cash register, a computer or a POS system. Modern design, attractive appearance, amazing functionality and simplicity of programming and operation are the main advantages of this device. It is intended for medium and large trade facilities where scale are used in large networks.

Intended use and application
The DIBAL M-525 scale may be widely used in medium and, in particular, large trade facilities.

Compatibility with external devices
The DIBAL M-525 scale is provided with a high-performance Ethernet connection. It can be used with practically all IT systems used for managing a trade facility.

Features and advantages
  • The possibility of connecting scale in the Master-Slave network, TCP/IP communication, optionally Wi-Fi or Home-plug,
  • 5000 PLUs,
  • Backlit, customer-friendly and user-friendly alphanumerical LCD displays to facilitate programming the scale “from the keyboard”,
  • User-friendly menu structure,
  • Perfect design of the printer: reliability, easy maintenance and loading of paper, cartridge paper loading system,
  • The possibility of printing on labels of various sizes, from the smallest 3 x 3 cm to the largest 6 x 10 cm; due to the fact that price of labels is proportional to their area, it allows to achieve major savings on consumables,
  • Numerous operation modes: basic, self-service, automatic weighing, labelling, receipt printing, continuous and self-adhesive paper, etc.,
  • 20 default and 20 freely programmable label dimensions,
  • Ready to implement all stages of EURO,
  • The possibility of programming weights from the computer at any time, independently of the operations on the scale,
  • The new, easy and free DFS program for Windows for programming weights,
  • The familiar, free RMS program for Windows for programming weights with the possibility of visual programming of label dimensions,
  • Compatible with sale programs: KC Firma, Subiekt, Small Business, WF-MAG, Sklep, PC-Market, Magnat and other.

Maximum load6 / 15 kg
Accuracy2 g (0–6 kg range)
5 g (6–15 kg range)
Power supplymains: ~220 V, 50 Hz
InterfaceEthernet, scanner
PLU capacity5.000
Keyboard70 keys
Display2 x LCD (alphanumerical, backlit)
PrinterThermal (self-adhesive labels or continuous paper)
Print speed up to 100 mm/s
Dimensions of scale375 (W) x 470 (L) x 160 (H) mm
Dimensions of pan360 (W) x 260 (L) mm
Mass12 kg
Guarantee24 months

500 Series scale type approval (175 kB)
DIBAL 500 SERIES certificate of compliance (172 kB)