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  • x DIBAL PS-50 DIBAL PS-50 DIBAL PS-50, non calculating electronic scale DIBAL PS-50
  • x DIBAL PS-50 DIBAL PS-50 DIBAL PS-50, non calculating electronic scale DIBAL PS-50

Product indexes
2002386: 3 / 6 kg
2002387: 6 / 15 kg
2002388: 15 / 25 kg

PS-50 is a small electronic scale with a compact and ergonomic case. It has 2 large, backlit LCD displays in the body of the scale. It may be powered from the mains or from the integrated battery.
Intended use and application
The PS-50 scale is widely used in trade facilities of various sizes, from small shops, to medium-size and large facilities, to supermarkets and hypermarkets, where it is placed in selected departments (e.g. vegetables and fruits) for verification purposes. It superbly performs in marketplace trading. It is also recommended for measuring weight in production plants and gastronomy.

Features and advantages
  • The stable measuring system, resistant to vibration and overloading,
  • large, backlit LCD displays,
  • taring throughout the weighing range,
  • easy maintenance of cleanness,
  • the integral battery ensuring up to 100 working hours without grid power supply,
  • the possibility of operation in negative temperatures down to – 10°C,
  • small dimensions.

Maximum load3 / 6 kg, 6 / 15 kg or 15 / 25 kg
Minimum load20 g, 40 g, 100 g, respectively
Accuracydepending on the version:
1 / 2 g (3 / 6 kg version)
2 / 5 g (6 / 15 kg version)
2 / 5 g (15 / 25 kg version)
Power supplyDC 9V 800mA mains power supply unit, DC 6V integral battery
KeyboardMembrane, waterproof
Display2 x LCD (backlit)
Dimensions of scale235 (W) x 240 (L) x 130 (H) mm
Dimensions of pan190 x 230 mm
Mass3 kg
Guarantee24 months

DIBAL PD-50 scale type approval (357 kB)
DIBAL PS-50 scale certificate of compliance (114 kB)