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  • x DIBAL PVC-50 DIBAL PVC-50 DIBAL PVC-50, weighbridge, electronic scale DIBAL PVC-50

Product indexes
2002913 - 30 kg, 450x350 pan 1450 zł
2002914 - 60 kg, 450x350 pan 1450 zł
2002915 - 150 kg, 450x350 pan 1450 zł

2000626 - 60 kg, 520x420 pan 1550 zł
2000627 - 150 kg, 520x420 pan 1550 zł
2000628 - 300 kg, 520x420 pan 1550 zł

General characteristics
The DIBAL PVC-50 scale is the electronic platform scale with a large, well visible, backlit LCD display. It may be powered from the mains or from the integrated battery.
It is available in 3 weighing ranges: up to 60 kg, up to 150 kg and up to 300 kg. It has the function of calculation of pieces and programming limits.

Intended use and application
The platform scale is widely used as a checking scale to weigh products in the back room of trade facilities of various sizes. It is recommended for measurements of mass in production plants and in warehouse operations for weighing various types of containers (e.g. boxes, drums, containers, palettes), packages, parcels.

Features and advantages

  • the stable measuring system, resistant to vibration and overloading,
  • Large, backlit LCD displays,
  • taring throughout the weighing range,
  • easy maintenance of cleanness,
  • the mode of calculation of pieces and checking mass,
  • the integral battery ensuring up to 100 working hours without grid power supply,
  • the possibility of operation in negative temperatures down to – 10°C.

Scale typeplatform
Maximum load60 kg / 150 kg / 300 kg
Accuracy60 g / 150 g / 300 g
Function of calculation of piecesYes
Function of programming limitsYes
Power supplyDC 9 V 800 mA mains power supply unit, integral battery (DC 6 V)
Keyboardmembrane, waterproof
Display1 x LCD (on the mast or on a wire)
Dimensions of scale420 (W) x 670 (L) x 830 (H) mm
Dimensions of pan520 x 420 mm or 450 x 350 mm
Mass14 kg
Guarantee24 months

PVC-50 scale certificate of compliance (602 kB)