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SOHO – software for hotel industry
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Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Commercial information: +48 32 37 06 364
Technical information: +48 32 37 06 219

SOHO was created with cooperation of people responsible for day-to-day hotel facilities management and is improved on ongoing basis, according to their suggestions, therefore it is characterised with high ergonomics and comfort of work. At the design stage already, high stress has been put on the intuitive and easy operation, which, combined with a very attractive price, makes SOHO win great popularity.

An undoubted advantage of the software is its easy installation and configuration, therefore a lot of hotel owners or managers choose self-installation, which additionally reduces the implementation cost of the new system The comprehensive manual attached to the software causes that start of operation with the new software will bring no difficulties, even to the less experienced computer users.

The rich functionality and friendly interface make SOHO prove right in any situation. A significant characteristic is the fact that the system requires no ongoing service care, which makes it a product for almost everyone.
The SOHO system has been designed to work in one or more points, considering the authorisations and licences of the individual users.

The most important functions of the system:

  • reservation service
  • overbooking
  • individual and group stay service
  • graphic presentation of the facility occupancy
  • printing the occupancy graphic scheme
  • keeping the hotel register log book
  • keeping hotel guests accounts
  • printing stay reports
  • cash and non-cash account clearing
  • planning guest food service
  • paying visitors tax
  • controlling receivables and liabilities
  • issuing VAT invoices (also in EURO)
  • correction of VAT invoices
  • issuing down-payment invoices and PRO-FORMA invoices
  • internal mailing (between hotel staff)
  • operation of deposits
  • operation of parking space
  • waking up guests
  • supervision over technical condition of the rooms and controlling their cleanness
  • cooperation with fiscal devices
  • stock management
  • granting various authorisations to the users
  • exporting documents to accounting software
  • VAT register
  • automatic generation of KT-1 reports for Chief Statistical Office
  • generating various lists
  • cooperation with food serving software
  • cooperation with telephone exchange
  • working on one or more posts in a network
  • filing goods and services and grouping them
  • automatic data archiving
  • operating hotel locks
  • reservation of facilities and additional services module (SPA, etc.)
  • detailed defining of rooms
  • visitors’ remarks (preferences, black book)

SOHO demo (42,5 MB)