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Weighing scanner Saturn 2 MGL 2300
Net price: 2990.00 PLN
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Characteristics of the device
The Saturn 2M weighing scanner, that is the Saturn 2 scale integrated with the Magellan 2300 scanner, combines the scale and barcode reader functions in one case. This improves comfort and speed of work of the clerk, because the weighing and scanning operation is done in the same place.
Small dimensions and attractive price are the features of the device that makes up perfect equipment of the sale position in shops of any size. The basket, which should be put in the opening cut in the top, facilitates quick installation of the device and affects aesthetics.
The design and method of installation enables the personnel to work pursuant to the requirements of ergonomics and do not restrict space for the clerk’s legs.
The scale is fitted with a legible LCD display on a rotating pole with adjustable height and rotation angle, with the possibility of bending.

Intended use
Saturn 2M is intended for integration in tops or cash register cubicles in trade facilities of various sizes.

Compatibility with external devices
Saturn 2M can be used with various types of fiscal cash registers (ELZAB cash registers are recommended), POS terminals and other peripheral devices.

Method of installationfor integration
Maximum load6 / 15 kg
Minimum load40 g
Accuracy2 g (0–6 kg range)
5 g (6–15 kg range)
Display1 x LCD (option: an additional external display)
Dimensions of scale292 (W) x 292 (L) x 121 (H) mm
Dimensions of pan292 (W) x 292 (L) mm
Mass5.9 kg
Guarantee24 months
ScannerMagellan 2300HS
Scanner parameters
  • landscape
  • laser
  • 1,800 scans / second
  • 18 scanning lines

Declaration of Conformity CAT27 2019-05 (830 kB)
Saturn 2 weighing scanner dimension drawing (CAT27/S3/15/292x292) (69.3 kB)
Saturn 2 weighing scanner basket dimension drawing (93.2 kB)
Dimensional drawing of the post of the CAT 27 scale (2 MB)